Knowledge and Wisdom

We know more than just market statistics – we build comprehensive financial plans to support our client’s life goals. And we can untangle the spaghetti of bank accounts, investments, trusts, and taxation issues so our clients can focus on living.

The Bernard & Johnson Process

Fund the Plan

Get to know you

Create a Plan

Instill Discipline

It is important to us that we become a trusted member of your family. So, our first priority is getting to know you while you get to know us.

Next we build you a plan, one that is rational and customized to your unique needs. If you don’t agree with the plan, we can stop there. And you can take it with you.

Third, we help you fund the plan to meet your goals. Sometimes, this means untangling the spaghetti of previous decisions. That’s ok, we can help with that.

Finally, we are relentlessly focused on helping to keep you on track, regardless of market conditions. We stay in touch, reminding you that even when you aren’t thinking about your future, we still are.

Our Advisors
Rachael Johnson
Michael Bernard



Family Wealth Management

Bernard & Johnson began their journey as an independent advisory practice as an affiliate of Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network in 2009 and became an independent registered investment advisor in June 2016. Now, as an independent registered investment advisor ("RIA"), we have achieved "full independence". Without the influence of a broker-dealer or large bank, we offer objective advice, great service, and a committed effort to help protect our client's interests.

We Can Help...

... "I just turned 50 and I have 15 years until I plan to retire. I now realize that I have no idea if I have done enough to plan for my retirement, or if it is too late for me make a difference!

... if you have just lost your job and don't know what your next steps are.

…if you have recently lost a spouse or you are not sure that you are prepared in the event your husband or wife passes away.

…if you are not sure that your investment plan is properly aligned with your financial plan.

…if you are worried that “This Time It’s Different”.

... if you are going through a divorce and need sound advice on what to do next.